Loyal Order: Drummer vs DJ 2 06/16/2016


Ill be DJing Sunday July 3rd at Spirit Lounge with my RARE Nation Brother DJ Spillz on the drums. A great lineup of DJs and Drummers will be in the building. I don't show my face alot so here's an opportunity to check me out on the 1's n 2's.. More info here.

More Chips Beat Tape 06/11/2016


This here is a compilation of all the Chiptune (8 Bit) Rap Beats I've been sitting on for the past 2 years. I've been working on my official chiptune album 'The Return of Chippy' and decided to change the concept from rap beats, to a more diverse selection of genres. These are the songs that simply won't be on the album. Support and download the tape here.

Also along with being in BASIS Collective as a DJ, I just Joined RARE Nation, as a producer and recording artist. Check them out at