Benga x Kano - Forefather (NateKodi Remix) 02/01/2016


If you know me I love benga. So I got this when he was doing his remix competition 2 years ago, I didnt know how I was going to flip this until recently. Came out pretty cool lol.

Free stream + download below!

Notha Wurl 01/23/2016


So I've been working on a new sound for the past year, totally influenced by trap, afrobeats, jersey club music and uk garage.

For this new year I'm definitely trying to develop this sound, this is kinda the direction go going in right now. So enjoy the spacey new track!

Zenojim - Since U Been Gone (NateKodi Remix) 01/09/2016


Made a new playlist of some of the tracks I produced last yr. I really appreciate all the luv we gon keep growin in 2016. :+)