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If you didn’t know, I’ve been producing music for almost 10 years now which is crazy. I think i made this track around 2012, this was the period I finally understood how sampling works. I was in a phase where I was experimenting with audio (trying to make trippy music for the stoners) and sampling everything i could download off the internet.

Low key this was my first time making 8bit music. This track samples Route 4 off the Pokemon Red/Blue Yellow. Pokemon blue was the first game boy color game I owned and it was amazing! So When I started sampling, I was just like: “I GOTTA make a beat out of this!”, a few hours later and voila! Game Boy Color Music was made. The artwork (like most of the album artwork was made by me).

It’s not downloadable (thanks to soundcloud for taking down alot of my artwork) but you can stream it on my youtube channel. I’ll post a downloadable link for it soon as I can.